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The blockchain space is new and full of opportunities. BTC is committed to sustain the innovation in this new exciting space and keep searching for new and improved use cases of decentralised distributed ledger technology. Our Innovation Lab works together with leading experts in the space, absolute beginners, companies, organizations and research institutions to find the next big thing and develop existing solutions.

We are always searching for partners - so do not hesitate to get in touch, if you can help us with your expertise, want to run an idea by us or want to invest and co-develop our ventures!

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Blockchain for the Energy Industry

Energy Ledger

EnergyLedger modernizes oil and gas production, supply chain management and shipping processes with tailored blockchain technology solutions using the world's most reliable and secure digital trading platform. Blockchain Technologies Corp. is working with industry experts to bring together the most knowledgable teams in blockchain and the energy sector.

Coming Q2 2018
Supporting Democracy

VoteWatcher: Cutting Edge Blockchain Voting System

We have developed a voting system for the 21st century in our Innovation Lab. We call it VoteWatcher. It is focused on transparency and efficiency and all of the code is open source or available for inspection. Check out the website to see how VoteWatcher is strengthening the security of democracy with this blockchain solution.

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The Future of Money

D.A.V.E. Bitcoin ATM

Already setup in multiple locations across 20 countries, our D.A.V.E. Bitcoin ATM is making cryptocurrencies accessible for anyone. With instant and secure withdrawals, our ATMs open the Bitcoin market for the average joe. Follow the link to see the features - and check out how you order your own D.A.V.E. Bitcoin ATM and take part in the crypto revolution of money markets as we know them.

Check out the D.A.V.E. Website
Optimizing for Web 3.0

Blockchain Apparatus: Custom Development Blockchain Platform

Blockchain Apparatus is a platform for creating Web 3.0 apps: apps that use the power of the blockchain. The blockchain enhances the power of the web and opens up a whole new world of possibilities

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