votewatcher Blog
August 31, 2016

Blockchain Voting is Coming, But It Won’t Be Online (Yet)

Forbes recently published an article about the possibility of using blockchain technology to secure elections. With all of the recent talk about hackers targeting U.S. election systems and blockchain hype cycle in full effect, this…

btc nyc Blog
May 2, 2016

Meltdown at Arizona GOP Convention; Blockchain Ensures Smooth NY Libertarian Convention

Former Gov. Brewer “loses” first election in 35 years with dubious results; AZ State Treasurer demands recount NEW YORK, NY – Disputed results due to technical malfunctions at Saturday’s Arizona GOP…

blockchain voting Blog
April 26, 2016

Blockchain Technologies Corp. Brings Blockchain Voting To New York

NEW YORK, NY – Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BTC), the New York-based innovator in blockchain-based voting solutions, has been chosen by the New York Libertarian Party (NYLP) to provide balloted-election services during…

liberty now Blog
March 23, 2016

Blockchain Technologies Corp. to Secure Election for Libertarian Party of Texas 2016 Convention

PRESS RELEASE: 3/23/2016 NEW YORK, NY – Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BTC) announced today that it will be the sole provider of balloted election services to the 2016 Libertarian Party of Texas State…

btc logo Blog
February 10, 2016

2016 Iowa Caucus Results Recorded Forever On the Blockchain

Summary: Blockchain Technologies Corp. traveled to Iowa for the 2016 caucuses. With the Rand Paul campaign, they were able to get Republican precinct captains to directly post their results to a custom…

state of bitcoin Blog
February 4, 2016

CoinDesk’s State of Bitcoin (and the Blockchain) 2016

Every quarter, CoinDesk releases their “State of Bitcoin” report, which has gone on to become required reading for anyone following Bitcoin. Their latest release, the State of Bitcoin 2016 offers a recap…