Want to develop the solutions of tomorrow?

Blockchain Technologies Corporation is a world leader in blockchain development, providing cross industrial solutions all over the world. We are looking for interns eager to learn, grow and shape the future by developing the solutions or a better world.

You will be working side by side with some of the best developers and talent within our space, assisting them with various tasks. Your skill, competence and imagination are the only ceilings to what you can develop and accomplish within our company.

Relevant Skills and Experience:

  • Skilled in asyncrhronous Javascript (Node.js), React, MeteorJS and other UI frameworks
  • Experience with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and IoT hardware
  • Public Private key Cryptography
  • Solidity, truffle, Web 3, RPC
  • Experienced Linux user and linux build systems.
  • large data sets using Redis, or PostgreSQL
  • Queuing systems such as RabbitMQ and Kafka
  • Best practices – Agile and Test Driven Development
  • Knowledge of bitcoin and ethereum blockchains desirable
  • Experience with OOP (Object Oriented Programing)


Required experience:

  • Programming: 1 year


Send your motivated application and resume to

Head of recruitment, Peter G. Mikkelsen

peter@ blocktech.com

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Blockchain Technologies Corp.
New York
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or email peter@blocktech.com with resume, short cover, and grades if applicable

The Blockchain Technology Corp. is an accelerator and lead developer of cutting edge voting technology, monetary and financial infrastructure etc. Headquartered in the heart of Manhattan with additional offices in Copenhagen and the Carribeans.