Digital Asset Vending Equipment (D.A.V.E.)


Why Choose D.A.V.E?

  • Easy setup (simply connect blockchain wallet API)
  • Simple design – Easy access to cash for owner
  • Sell Bitcoin for Cash
  • Affordable, yet powerful and versatile
  • Quick bitcoin purchase (transfer fee included, see below)
  • Fully Customizable (% markup, wallet address, transfer fee)


We Believe In Open Source

We started development on the D.A.V.E Bitcoin ATM in 2013. We decided to develop on the Android operating system, not only for its wide compatibility and ease of use, but because it was open source, like Bitcoin. Not only is open source important from a security standpoint, it also assured us out-of-the-box compatible hardware such as a camera (for scanning QR codes), WiFi, and touch screen. It was an obvious choice, because it was accessible to any user. We want to ensure anyone can set up and run one of our ATMs, not only the technically inclined..


Some Facts About Us was founded in Denver, CO in 2014 with the goal of bringing bitcoin ATMs to the masses in a portable, simple and affordable form-factor.

We partnered with Bitcoin Center NYC to test our ATMs and increase our exposure to the public. Our machines have been thoroughly tested in a live-environment and are proven to work.