Welcome to Blockchain Technologies Corp.

Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a blockchain and cryptocurrency software technology company and startup accelerator. We are working day and night to make the benefits of this groundbreaking new technology a reality.

In a few short years, the Internet revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. Companies leveraging the power of the Internet quickly became some of the largest and most important businesses in the world. Now we have a new technology that promises to revolutionize the way we verify the integrity of information and transmit value (money) over the Internet: the blockchain. We believe that blockchain technology will become as important as the Internet itself and just as valuable.

On the most basic level, the blockchain is an ingenious new way of storing data and verifying its integrity. Through the use of a variety of cryptography-based technologies, once an entry is added into a blockchain database, it cannot be changed.

The first and most well known application of blockchain technology is the digital currency Bitcoin; Bitcoin uses the blockchain to keep track of all transactions on the network. After founding Bitcoin Center NYC, CEO Nick Spanos quickly realized, the applications of a database with inviolable records (the blockchain) are endless and certainly not limited to finance. We are working on products such as a blockchain-based voting machine and a system to record important documents (such as a will) into the blockchain.

We Are Taking the Blockchain to Another Level

The Press is Raving About Blockchain Technology

Image: U.S. Presidential Candidate Rand Paul at an event hosted by Blockchain Tech Corp.

From Code To Concept

Custom Apps

Blockchain Tech Corp. specializes in creating custom applications that leverage the power of the blockchain. We work with clients to meet their needs and develop our own in-house products as well. Feel free to contact us at any time to inquire as to how we can help your business. Our team is ready to work with you to create the app your business needs to compete. Take a look at some of the work we have been doing below.

Voting On The Blockchain

We now have the power of the Blockchain to conduct fair and honest elections, whether it’s a Presidential election, a corporate shareholder meeting (and proxy voting), a private union election, or a PTA election. Blockchain Tech Corp. has developed patented Blockchain voting technology that works the same way voters are already used to, but behind the scenes adds the power of the Blockchain ledger ensure all votes are counted correctly and cannot be altered, enabling honest and fair elections and polling.

Time Stamping And Notaries

For the first time in history everyone will have the power of a notary in their hands! No need to go hunting for that local notary guy or to call a lawyer; you and another party can certify any document from the comfort of your home or office by adding it to the blockchain!

Blockchain Tech Corp has technology that uses the power of the blockchain to timestamp documents and prove that the document has not been altered in any way. In fact, it is much more secure than using a notary because it is impossible to forge.

Bitcoin ATM Machines

Blockchain Tech Corp. is at the forefront of the Bitcoin ATM revolution. We have built an advanced Bitcoin ATM machine compliant with all the necessary KYC (know your customer) regulations so they can be compliant with any jurisdiction worldwide. Our Bitcoin ATM machines include the latest and greatest hardware and support the latest API’s and bitcoin protocols to make ensure flawless transactions every single time. We believe there will be enormous opportunity ahead for our Bitcoin ATM Network; we have partnered with some of the hottest locations worldwide for customer growth.

Smart Contracts & Self Executing Wills

Blockchain Tech Corp. is currently developing a self executing will system where the blockchain will automatically check the the government’s “Death Master File” and verify that a person did in fact pass. Then, pre-programmed rules setup by the person will automatically distribute their assets, eliminating the need for executors and court battles because the integrity of a will is in question. The future is here and Blockchain Technologies Corp is in the forefront of the Blockchain revolution.